Hills - Delphi


233 Silver Lake Road, Mylor

Saturday 11 February 2023
Sunday 12 February 2023

10:00 AM
4:30 PM




  • Garden owner will be available all weekend
  • Frog pond, outdoor kitchen, river setting
  • Riesling vines and countless fruit and nut trees

Professional landscaper of more than 35 years, Chris has created not so much a productive garden, but a productive sanctuary.

Set on a stunning two-acre block on the banks of the Onkaparinga River, Chris has spent the past 28 years transforming his patch into the Garden of Eden it is today.

With his strong beliefs in reusing and recycling, coupled with bohemian creative flair, Chris now lives in not only a beautiful garden, but one that provides for him year round.

Surrounding his dwelling are seasonal productive gardens with meandering stone pathways, a chook shed and outdoor kitchen. In addition, there are unique art installations, complimentary plantings and playful areas where his two daughters enjoyed growing up and being immersed in the abundance that surrounded them. 

Leaving this area, a pathway meanders towards the river through countless fruit and nut trees. Recently some Riesling vines have been planted in a star shape that will see Chris making his own wine.

The pathway continues past a frog pond and even more productive trees. This garden has certainly grown organically over the past two decades and is a testament to Chris’s skills, passion and countless hours of hard work.



  • Professional landscaper, Chris will be available to discuss his garden all weekend.

Size: 1.25 acres, 0.5 ha.

Please note: this garden is not suitable for prams or wheelchairs. There is also a river.



$20 for four gardens     $50 for all gardens 

The charity is OzHarvest.

Garden Notes

Garden notes are written by the garden owner and often tell the story of their garden. Click the link below to download the notes and we suggest you print them and bring them to the garden.


Facilities & Activities

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Parking at the very end of Silver Lake Rd before the gates.
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