Adelaide - Bowden Brompton Gardens


15 Gething Crescent, Bowden

Saturday 11 February 2023
Sunday 12 February 2023

10:00 AM
4:30 PM



Three gardens for the price of one:

Brooklyn’s Garden

Three times the winner of the Food Garden category in Charles Sturt Council’s annual garden competition, Brooklyn’s small back yard is well set up and maintained using permaculture principles. With expertise gained while working in organic market gardens, she grows a wonderful assortment of healthy vegetables in nine raised beds, with more planted in her fertile ground. There are fruit trees, a beehive, flowers for the bees, a tiny propagation house and compost bins. A perfect example of sustainable living and making good use of a limited area.


Jacqui and Paul’s Garden

Across the road is another small, productive garden that resembles a miniature food forest! Belonging to Jacqui and Paul who, in a compact space, have squeezed in wicking beds, fruit trees, herbs and seasonal vegetables, as well as an entertainment area beneath a structure that supports a fruiting grape vine. Paul's homemade and regularly used wood oven is central to this small productive garden. Gates connect two adjoining gardens (not open) and residents happily share the produce they each grow.


Preca Community Garden

The third garden is a short walk away – a map will be provided to show the way to the Preca Community Garden. In this well set-out productive backyard, neighbouring residents organically grow vegetables and herbs in large wicking beds. There are a number of trees, some multi-grafted with several varieties of fruit, and a number espaliered onto a long tunnel-like framework. There is also a productive banana and some unusual edible plants like the devil’s claw.


Nearby points of interest

Bowden and Brompton abound with eclectic small gardens, many with edible plants jammed in wherever there is a space among the flowers and foliage! The friendliness, community spirit, artistic creativity and the residents' interest in productive gardening make this unique and engaging neighbourhood a fascinating place to explore.

Visitors may like to follow the suggested walking trail on the map provided and enjoy some of the community areas and imaginative and colourful street art. Of particular interest are the stunning mosaicked stobie poles in Thirteenth Street and Market Place funded by the Hindmarsh Greening group and created for the community by local artisans. The Bowden Bird walk consists of a series of mosaic poles featuring different birds and in the neighbouring streets, the poles are decorated with vibrant, colourful flowers.



  • Brooklyn will sell seedlings

Please note:  these gardens are not suitable for wheelchairs.



$20 for four gardens     $50 for all gardens 


Garden Notes

Garden notes are written by the garden owner and often tell the story of their garden. Click the link below to download the notes and we suggest you print them and bring them to the garden.


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Facilities & Activities

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